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Sock Snowmen

Written by The Resourceful Teacher. Posted in Projects

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Every year I make these adorable Sock Snowmen with my students.  They have now become a holiday decoration tradition amongst households; children excited to bring out their Sock Snowman they created from the year(s) prior. 

Since it’s been such a big hit with my kiddos, I thought I’d share with you all how to make them!

Here’s what you’ll need for the whole class (Mine has 25 students):
Glue Gun (I have a small one and use up about 35 sticks)
Button Assortment
Christmas Ribbon Assortment
Yarn Assortment
About 70 lbs of rice
Measuring Cup

Here’s what you’ll need per Student:
1  Men’s Tube Sock  
3 Buttons
Yarn or Christmas Ribbon
Pipe Cleaner / Small Red or Orange Pom-Poms
Googly Eyes
4½  Cups of Rice
3 Rubberbands
1 Toothpick

Step 1:
Fill the bottom of the sock with 2 cups of rice. Tie off the top using a rubber band.  Make sure the rubber band is shoved all the way to the bottom so that the bottom of the snowman is nice and tight.


Step 2:
Fill the middle portion of the sock with 1½ cups of rice.  Tie off the top using a rubber band, making sure it is shoved all the way to the bottom of the section.

Step 3:
Fill the top portion of the sock with 1 cup of rice.  Again, tie off the top using a rubber band.  Make sure the top portion is tight, just like the bottom 2.

Step 4:
Using the hot glue gun, glue the bottom and middle portions so that the snowman can stand upright on its own without holding it. 


Step 5:
Glue the top portion of the sock so it looks like the snowman is wearing a hat or beanie.

Step 6:
DECORATE!!!  You can use whatever you want to decorate your snowman, but we used googly eyes for the eyes, ribbon for the scarf, pipe cleaner for the mouth, draw the mouth using fabric markers, use small pom-poms for the mouth, toothpick for the nose, etc.  Here are some examples of how we made ours!!!